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MOFCOM holds Press Conference for "Expo Central China 2017"

April 26, 2017 - 17:25 BJT (09:25 GMT) MOFCOM [Host]: Dear media friends, good morning, welcome to the Beijing Press Conference for the "10th Central China Investment and Trade Expo" (Expo Central China 2017). First of all, I would like to introduce the speakers for the press conference. They are Mr. Wang Shouwen, Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Expo Central China and Vice Minister of Commerce; and Mr. Zhang Shuguang, Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Vice Governor of Anhui Province. I am the host Gao Feng, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce. Today Mr. Wang will introduce the features and highlights of Expo Central China 2017, and Mr. Zhang will introduce the overall preparation and integrated support of Expo Central China 2017. Then they will answer your concerns.
[Wang Shouwen]: I. Features and highlights of Expo Central China 2017
With the approval of the State Council, Expo Central China has been held in rotation in the six central provinces (Hunan, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi and Shanxi) since 2006. Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, the China National Tourism Administration, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China Federation of Industrial Economics and the people's governments of the six central provinces, Expo Central China 2017 is scheduled to be held in Hefei, Anhui Province from May 17 to 19, 2017. Expo Central China 2017 is an important platform of attracting foreign capital, expanding foreign trade and implementing the "Belt and Road" initiative. Each year, the event attracted reporters from home and abroad. On behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and the Organizing Committee, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to them for their remarkable contributions to enhancing the influence of the event.
Now I would like to introduce the features and highlights of Expo Central China 2017.
First, the keynote forum will offer advice and suggestions on the opening-up and development of the central region with focus on the connotation and goal of the "Belt and Road" initiative. Leaders of the State Council, as well as high-ranking government officials and ministerial officials in Georgia, Indonesia and other countries along the "Belt and Road" will be invited to attend the keynote forum and opening ceremony of Expo Central China 2017 and deliver speeches. Heads of the governments of the six central provinces and global executives of multinational companies will also be present, to discuss the efforts of the central region to press ahead with supply-side structural reform, open wider to the inside and outside, and enhance international exchange and cooperation, and provide enlightenment and experience for the central provinces to accelerate structural adjustment and the transformation of the development mode.
Second, the foreign-funded enterprise symposium will be held for the first time to solicit the advice and suggestions on further perfecting China's investment environment. To implement the spirit of the instructions of leaders of the State Council in the institutionalization and normalization of exchanges with multinational companies, the Ministry of Commerce has regularly organized three symposiums with multinational companies since last year, to find out their difficulties and problems arising in their development and innovation in China, and solicit their advice and policy-related suggestions on the improvement of China's investment environment. There will be another high-level foreign-funded enterprise symposium on May 17 during Expo Central China 2017, then leaders of the State Council will attend and host the symposium. This is the first time that the symposium will be held during Expo Central China. More than 100 representatives from over 60 foreign-funded enterprises, representatives from foreign associations and chambers of commerce in China, as well as heads of state ministries and commissions have been invited.
Third, a work meeting on national economic & technological development zones will be held to summarize and optimize development zone models. The meeting will focus on promoting the institutional innovation of national economic & technological development zones, duplicating and popularizing the reform and innovation achievements of pilot free zones, improving investment environment, transforming the mode of investment promotion and introduction, establishing entrepreneurship & innovation platforms, developing the real economy, carrying out international and regional cooperation, counterpart assistance in cooperation, park co-construction and other issues. Then heads of 13 provincial and municipal competent departments of commerce from central region and Yangtze River Economic Belt, as well as 121 national economic & technological development zones will attend the meeting.
[Wang Shouwen] Fourth, the Promotional Conference of Investment Environment of Six Central Provinces & Project Matchmaking Conference will be held to enhance exchanges and interaction with multinational companies. This year, the conference will reform and innovate in content and form. Under the principle of "simplifying conference procedures and achieving practical results in matchmaking", the conference will introduce the investment environment and related policies of the six central provinces through new media and by other means, and increase the time of connection and exchanges between foreign-funded enterprises and the central region.
Fifth, further improving the specialization, internationalization and marketization level of the conference. In terms of specialization, exhibitions and presentations will be more practical, purchaser and trader invitation will be intensified, more innovative and intelligent high-tech products will be presented in the central zone and the zone for the six central provinces, and a special negotiation zone will be set up to achieve the effects of matchmaking. Besides, the organizing committee will find out merchants' practical demands earlier, plan special events for different industries and fields, and invite more professional investors and audiences. In terms of internationalization, the organizing committee will preferentially invite government officials, institutions and enterprises maintaining close contacts with the six central provinces, intensify the invitation of executives of Fortune Global 500 and multinational companies, cement the cooperation with domestic and overseas associations and chambers of commerce, invite industry and commerce groups in Hong Kong and Macao, and organize targeting national promotion and exchange events as required by related countries and regions. In terms of marketization, while emphasizing the government's provision of public services and products, Expo Central China has gradually exerted market power, and conducted beneficial exploration of introducing professional exhibition institutions and intermediary organizations.
Sixthly, strictly implementing the eight central regulations and hosting the exposition practically, practically and thriftily. Expo Central China 2017 will continue to implement the spirit of eight central regulations, work in strict accordance with the requirements and regulations of the central government on strictly controlling the organization of foreign-related forums and exhibitions in 2017, and strive to deliver a refined and efficient event instead of an extravagant one.
[Wang Shouwen] Ladies and gentlemen,
Expo Central China has been inseparable from the active participation of all walks of life around the world and the persistent support of domestic and overseas news media. Here I sincerely expect that media friends will continue to pay attention to and promote Expo Central China, and sincerely wish investors to exchange ideas, tap business opportunities and seek common development at Expo Central China 2017!
[Host]: Thank you Mr. Wang. Now let’s welcome Vice Governor to introduce the overall preparation and comprehensive support of Expo Central China 2017.
【Zhang Shuguang】: II. Preparation and Comprehensive Support for the 10th Central China Investment and Trade Expo
Respected Vice Minister Wang Shouwen and dear friends from the press, good morning! Firstly, on behalf of the Organization Committee of the 10th Central China Investment and Trade Expo and Anhui Provincial People’s Government, I’d like to express sincere thanks to all friends from the press who care about and focus on Expo Central China 2017 as well as care about and support the economic and social development of Anhui Province. The 10th Central China Investment and Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Expo Central China”) commonly held by Ministry of Commerce and related national units and six provinces in central China will be held in Hefei, Anhui Province on May 17-19. The Expo 2017 will focus on the structural reform of supply-side, innovation-driven development and construction of legal business environmental around the excellent national opportunity of “three strategies”, set up the platform to undertake industrial transfer and investment and trade communication, promote the central China area to participate into international and domestic cooperation with high level and make efforts to create new highland of opening up in inland area. Now, the overall preparation is made in an intense but orderly manner. Now, I’d like to introduce related situations about the preparation of the Expo Central China 2017:
(Ⅰ) Guests Invited to the Expo Central China 2017
The Expo Central China 2017 is highly focused by all social sectors both in China and foreign countries. Under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Commerce and the concerted efforts of the brother provinces in middle China, the organization committee has currently been basically confirmed that over 2,400 important guests will participate in the Expo, including foreign politicians, officials from international organizations, overseas Chinese, senior executives from world top 500 companies and transnational corporations, outbound business associations and groups, important representatives from famous corporations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, principals from related national units and provinces (districts and cities), central enterprises, famous private enterprises and famous financial institutions. We will firmly rely on the Expo Central China, a customized high-level economic and trade platform by the state for the central China area, cherish this favorable opportunity to take turns to organize this expo, steadily do a good job in the exchanges and connection with domestic and overseas guests, friends, customers and merchants in the central China area (including our province), and promote substantial cooperation in project, fund, technique and talent.
(Ⅱ) Arrangements of activities for the Expo Central China 2017
Based on the careful planning and in-depth consultation of the Ministry of Commerce and six provinces in the central China area, 31 activities will be held in the Expo Central China 2017.The keynote forum and opening ceremony will center around the theme of “Development of New Ideas and New Opportunities of Transformation”, Party and state leaders, foreign politicians, leaders from Ministry of Commerce, main leaders from six provinces in central China, senior executives from international organizations and transnational corporations will be invited to give speeches. Meanwhile, the Expo will insist on focusing on project negotiation and cooperation, and hold a series of cooperation and exchange activities such as investment environment recommendation and project matchmaking meeting and matchmaking conference for the six provinces in the central China area; focuses on joint development of central China area, by holding central China economic development forum, central China e-commerce summit, tourism recommendation meeting and development forum of six provinces in central China, financial forum on development of central China area and respectively special activities of six provinces in central China; focuses on industrial hot spot and the latest trend by holding health industry development forum, special small town (city) investment and construction forum, popularization and communication meeting of free-trade agreement, AI big data transnational investment and trade forum, cooperation and communication seminar on cultural and creative industries, and other activities. In addition, 2017 International Investment and Trade Expo in Anhui, China will be held at the same time. We believe that various activities organized by the Expo Central China can jointly provide a big feast to promote communication and cooperation as well as sharing and development.
【Zhang Shuguang】: (Ⅲ) Exhibition of the Expo Central China 2017
The exhibition of the Expo Central China 2017 will focus on the whole figure that central China area makes joint efforts of the central China area to create a new highland of opening up and make great cooperation and development in inland. The exhibition area is up to 80,000m2, and three exhibition areas are set, including comprehensive exhibition area, special topic exhibition and commodity trade exhibition area. Among them, the comprehensive exhibition area is consisted of central exhibition area, exhibition areas for six provinces in central China, exhibition areas for Hong Kong and Macao and exhibition areas for 16 cities in Anhui Province. The special topic exhibition area is consisted of cultural innovation exhibition area, financial service exhibition area, health industry exhibition area, international equipment exhibition area and scientific innovation exhibition area. The commodity trade exhibition area is mainly consisted of imported commodity exhibition area, exhibition area for commodities produced in six provinces in central China area and exhibition areas for competitive commodities in Anhui Province. Up to now, the organization committee has invited nearly 2,000 purchasers to participate, and about 1,500 enterprises at home and abroad have signed up and confirmed to participate.
(Ⅳ) Project Matchmaking of the Expo Central China 2017
With the new idea of “big matchmaking and big negotiation”, the Expo Central China 2017 integrate exhibition, forum and matchmaking effectively. Firstly, focus on the industrial project matchmaking. The Expo will launch a number of predominant industrial projects with high maturity, strong feasibility and excellent cooperation expectation and PPP projects; in addition, our province will also organize practical matchmaking “400 enterprises”, namely: 100 central enterprises, 100 private enterprises, 100 foreign enterprises and 100 overseas Chinese enterprises respectively, in a targeted way, and sign with a group of projects with high consistency with Anhui’s industrial development. Secondly, focus on capital project matchmaking. The Expo will provide a matchmaking and communication platform for investment and financing parties through road show, investment plan press conference and other methods surrounded by supply-side reform, innovation and entrepreneurship, investment fund, listed company and other hot spots. Thirdly, focus on publicity of investment policies. and the Expo will organize the publicity and recommendation of a series of preferential policies on investment attraction and talent introduction in a centralized way.
(Ⅴ) Service Assurance of the Expo Central China 2017
As the organizer and host, Anhui provincial Party committee and government give great attention, and consider the chance to organize the Expo Central China as a specific practice to carry out the spirit of a series of important speeches made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, especially the spirit of the key speech made in his visit to Anhui, as a concerted measure to implement the strategy of rise of central China, and as an important opportunity to create a new open highland in the inland; require pulling all efforts of the province and gathering the wisdom of all sides to strengthen communication and connection, carefully organize and plan the reception, materialize and refine the schemes; make all efforts to do a good job in various preparation and supporting work under the guidance of related departments of the state and support of other five provinces in central China. The service and supporting foundation should be further consolidate in accordance with the principle of “hospitality and initiative, considerateness and carefulness, civility and politeness, and standardization and orderliness”.
【Zhang Shuguang】: Dear friends from the press, the 10th Expo Central China will officially kick off 23 days later, namely May 17th. We sincerely hope all of you can continue to pay attention to and focus on the Expo Central China as usual. We are also looking forward to meeting guests and friends from all social sectors in Anhui and in Hefei, to give the rise of central China a better tomorrow in an accelerating way and to share the opportunity, make cooperation and seek common development!
Finally, thank you again for the care and support of all friends from the press on the Expo Central China 2017. Wish you healthy, successful, auspicious and happy!
Thank you!
【Host】: Thank you for Governor Zhang. Now, reporters can raise questions on the topic of today’s press conference.
【Reporter from CCTV】: We notice that it is coincident for this Expo Central China that it will be the first important exhibition after the “The Belt and Road Initiative” Summit Forum for International Cooperation. I want to ask Vice Minister, Wang Shouwen that whether “The Belt and Road Initiative” will become one important subject of Expo Central China 2017 and what aspects will it be shown in the Expo? Thank you.
[Wang Shouwen]: What you have said is exactly right. The Expo Central China 2017 is held after “The Belt and Road Initiative” Forum for International Cooperation, and the main content of this forum is to implement the spirit of “The Belt and Road Initiative”. We will be benefited from issues discussed in the forum and Expo Central China 2017 will take this great opportunity to expand the cooperation among countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative”, exert the economic and trade advantage of central China area in cooperating with countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” and expand investment and trade cooperation between central China area, even all areas in China and countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” in various sectors and at various levels.
Therefore, we make targeted plans in the organization of Expo Central China 2017, and it is believed that central and western areas can play an important role in implementing “The Belt and Road Initiative” advocacy through these plans. We make special plans in following three aspects: The first one is in guest invitation. We mainly invite guests from countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” to participate into the Expo Central China 2017. The organization committee develops targeted invitation through overseas business offices based on the cooperation between six provinces and countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative”. We are happy to see that government delegations from countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative”, including Georgia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Belarus, will participate into the Expo. In addition, some enterprises and intermediary organs from Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and other countries will participate into the Expo.
The second one is in the activity arrangement. We have mentioned that one important activity is the keynote forum and opening ceremony. Politicians and ministerial officials from countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” will give the speech on the keynote forum. In addition, it is also shown in the activity organization. Vice Governor, Zhang Shuguang, has introduced that 31 special activities will be held, and key areas involved in 31 activities include infrastructure, energy, resource, information technology, cultural innovation and finance, which are also the key areas in the cooperation of “The Belt and Road Initiative”. We’d like to especially emphasize that we will specially hold trade recommendation activity for federal districts among Volga River in Russia; in addition, we will invite mainstream media from ten countries of ASEAN to come to Anhui to participate into Southern Anhui International Cultural Tourism Demonstration Area and other activities. All of them are targeted at the cooperation with countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative”.
The third one is for specific projects. Six provinces in central China will launch projects in electrical appliance and electronic information, auto and its components, equipment manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical, new energy, new material, energy-saving and environmental protection and modern service industry, which are all competitive industries in central China area. These projects will be launched during the Expo Central China 2017 in a centralized way, and we will invite enterprises and investment promotion institutions from countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” to participate into the launch of these projects. As the host, Anhui Province especially designs observation, matchmaking and discussion on special industrial parks and enterprises. It is believed that Central China Investment and Trade Expo will become the important platform for actively implementing advocacy of “The Belt and Road Initiative” through the design of invited guests, arrangement of major projects and activity organization. Thank you.
[Report from China News Service]: I want to ask a question for Governor Zhang. What are the advantages for Anhui to create new highland for opening up in inland? Thank you.
[Zhang Shuguang]: The Anhui government proposed the strategy of creating a brand new level of opening in the mainland, and now, it’s time to make it the reality. This is our province’s specific action of implementing the guiding principles of the series of important speeches of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, especially the principles of the important speech for the visit to Anhui. In addition, it is an important task for the decisive victory of building a moderately prosperous society and accelerating the construction of five major development of a better Anhui, as well as the key measures of seizing the development opportunities and solidifying the development advantages. For our advantages, to sum up, they are mainly composed of three aspects: foundation, opportunity and innovation.
(I) The advantage of foundation. In recent years, we have vigorously implemented the open development strategy, and the level of open economic development is rising. It is reflected from four parts: first, the scale of foreign trade is pushed to a new level. From 2010 to 2016, the value of import and export trade in Anhui province has increased 10.6%, with a relatively high growth rate. This period is also the best period in the history of the foreign trade development of our province. Second, the platform construction reached a new level. To be exact, our province has 12 state-level economic and technological development zones, 5 high-tech zones, with the total number ranking fourth over the whole country and top in the central region. In addition, the number of special customs supervision zones (places) in our province is the most in the central and western regions, so our opening environment is under continuous optimization. Third, we have achieved a new leap forward by making use of foreign capital. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the utilised foreign direct investment of our province grew at an average annual rate of 19.7%. Up to now, there are 77 overseas “Fortune 500” companies investing in Anhui. Fourth, foreign investment has made new breakthroughs. From 2010 to 2016, the actual outbound investment by our province has increased by 7.4%. Besides, a batch of well-known enterprises in Anhui province including the Conch Group, Jianghuai Automobile Group, Agricultural Reclamation Group, Chery Group and Foreign Economic Construction Group, have “gone out” and achieved the comprehensive improvement of the level of internalization and competitiveness in technology, products, brand and management through joint ventures, acquisitions, the building of overseas factories and other ways.
(II) The advantage of opportunity. This part can be seen from the following aspects: First, the opportunity of inland opening policy orientation. When the country upgraded the level of opening up in the coastal area, it paid more attention to expanding the opening up of the inland, along the border and the west regions, entailed greater focus on guiding the coastal industry to transfer to the central and west regions, as well as increasingly focused on the layout of the construction of a number of open platforms in the inland region. All these efforts are of great help of expanding the two-way opening of Anhui and actively undertaking industrial transfer. Second, the opportunity of the improvement of local traffic conditions. With the rapid improvement of traffic facilities, Anhui, as an important node of the two national strategies -- Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, is becoming the leading edge of inland opening and its comprehensive advantages are becoming more and more prominent. All of these enable to provide favorable conditions for us to aggregate and allocate factor resources at a wider scope and a higher level. Third, the opportunity of speeding up the construction of major platforms. Anhui not only owns a great number of opening platforms at the national level, including industrial transfer undertaking demonstration area of Wanjiang City Belt, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental area of China (Hefei) and a variety of special customs supervision areas, but also owns a great deal of innovation platforms at the national level, including comprehensive innovation and reform pilot area, Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Independent Innovation Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, which are conducive to further deepening the reform and innovation, connecting with the international rules and accelerating the formation of a new open economic development system. Fourth, the opportunity of accelerating the construction of modern industrial system. With rich innovation resources and strong industrial base, Anhui has witnessed the emergence of a number of export-oriented leading enterprises, such as Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group, LCFC, Boe Technology Group, Conch Group, Chery Group and Jianghuai Automobile Group. Besides, Anhui owns a batch of industries with strong competitiveness, including home appliances, automobiles, electronic information and equipment manufacturing. At the same time, the agglomeration development base of a number of emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, robots and flat panel display is under accelerating construction. All of these provide a strong support for the further expansion of the opening up of our province.
[Zhang Shuguang]: (III) The advantage of innovation. Innovation has become the most valuable gene of the greatest strength of Anhui. First, Anhui is the focal point of innovation platform. Anhui is the first batch of pilot provinces to systematically promote comprehensive innovation reform experiment in China, with the Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Independent Innovation Comprehensive Experimental Zone and the country’s second Comprehensive National Science Center (Hefei). Second, Anhui is an important place of innovative achievements. For example, the first national quantum science experiment satellite “Micius” is successfully developed by the University of Science and Technology of China, which is located in Anhui. Besides, the section from Hefei to Shanghai of the world’s first quantum secure communication network “Beijing-Shanghai line” opened smoothly. In addition, the world’s thinnest information display touch sensor of 0.15 mm has been put into batch production in Anhui and the world’s first intelligent interactive customer service robot is developed by iFlytek and has been put into application. Third, Anhui is the blessing land of innovative talent. Our province has 109 colleges and universities, more than 4,000, different kinds of scientific research institutions, and more than 3 million professional and technical personnel. When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Anhui last year, he said, “Anhui is an ideal place to nurture people, as a saying goes that the unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants, Anhui is an innovative world.” He wished that Anhui enjoys the joy of innovation, which is the tremendous encouragement and spur of the General Secretary for Anhui to drive innovation and open development.
In summary, Anhui pushes the opening up of the inland into a higher level. With these advantages, we are more confident and determined. Thank you for your question.
[International Market News Agency of the United States]: I would like to ask Minister Wang Shouwen to tell us about the specific situation of attracting foreign investment in the central region. In addition, I want to know what efforts have been made to attract foreign investment in the Expo Central China 2017? Thank you.
[Wang Shouwen]: The Central China Investment and Trade Expo is a platform to expand the attraction of foreign investment and foreign trade. At the Expo Central China 2017, we have carried out a series of activities to attract foreign investment. The main measures include: firstly, we invite more important guests. Not only the guests of government departments, but also the guests of business associations and enterprises are invited. So far, more than 2,400 important guests have confirmed to attend the conference, and a great number of representatives of multinational companies, state-owned enterprises as well as private enterprises say that they will take part in the Expo Central China 2017. That the representatives of foreign-funded enterprises as well as that of different types of enterprises participate in this expo is a job we devote ourselves to.
Secondly, in order to attract foreign investment, we innovate the way of investment promotion activities. We used to organize an investment environment promotion and project matchmaking conference of six central provinces in each session of the expo, however, this time we introduce the investment environment of the six central provinces with new media in the form of the combination of online and offline promotion. In the matchmaking time, we spend more time in categorizing them according to professions to make better effects.
Thirdly, we highlight a series of professional seminars in the organization. For example, among the 31 thematic activities, there are e-commerce seminar and the United States and some large domestic e-commerce enterprises will participate in it; tourism seminar, the travel departments along the line of the Belt and Road Initiative are very interested in it as well; big health and medical industry seminar, some American multinational companies tell me that they are greatly interested in participating in the medical health seminar. Besides, in the course of professional discussion, some opportunities for investment cooperation will occur.
Just mentioned utilization of foreign investment in central region, and it is generally believed that there is no advantages to attract foreign investment in central region compared with coastal region. What I want to say is foreign investment increased by about 1% in central region at a quarter of this year, which is in line with the rest of the country. I also specially emphasize that central region has its own advantages in utilizing foreign investment, and the first is regional advantage: there are two channels in attracting foreign investment, one is to expand export, foreign companies export products in China, the other one is to manufacture products by foreign companies in China to meet needs of the Chinese market. If you are an export merchant, maybe you have advantages in central region. Now export can be made to Central Asia and Eastern Europe along the coast or China-Europe Train, so it has very good geographical advantages for import and export. At the same time, foreign-invested enterprises in central region can not only meet market demand of eastern region, but also western region; so such provinces including Anhui and other provinces in central region can attract foreign investment well because of regional advantages.
Secondly, there are labor and talents advantages to attract foreign investment. It has larger populations in central region, with rich labor resource; they worked in coastal region before, now they start up business and obtain employment in their own hometown, with significant labor advantage. Besides labor, there is talents advantage. Vice-governor Shuguang just mentioned, Anhui has its own advantages in innovative talents. Therefore, labor and talents are very important for foreign-invested enterprises.
Thirdly, policy advantage. In March of this year, the State modified and issued Catalogue of foreign investment advantaged industries in central and western regions, which increased some catalog listing of catalogue of advantaged industries, increasing by 139 compared with 2013 and including 43 in six provinces of central region. When advantaged industries are listed in the catalogue, these foreign-invested enterprises will enjoy some preferential policies in tariff and import value-added tax, so policies advantage is very important. Therefore, that's why the central region attract foreign investment well recently; we are welcome foreign-invested enterprises and foreign investors attend Expo Central China 2017 held on May 17 to 19, which will have many of the opportunities, and I believe they will get a lot of business from it. Thanks.
[Reporter from Anhui TV]: the vice-governor Zhang Shuguang just mentioned Anhui has significant advantages in creating open economy, and I would like to ask what measures in creating new inland open highland? And what is the goal? Please tell us about it.
[Zhang Shuguang]: accelerating new inland open highland is main direction of promoting new round of open development in Anhui province. We proposed to optimize "inland opening" characteristic and meet new requirements of "new highland", continuously enrich meaning of opening, improve opening level, drive leap-type rising of open-type economic development and make efforts to go ahead of inland provinces. It is summarized that "four highlands" should be realized:
First is high-end export-oriented industrial cluster should be formed. I have already answered in the first question, and no more detailed description here.
Second is high quality two-way opening layout should be formed. We will integrate into "three strategies" more actively and expand deeply. At the same time, as the member of Yangtze River Delta, we will make integration with Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai to develop central and western region, expedite to obtain significant process, and accelerate the pace of building bilateral interaction and internal and external linkage opening pattern.
Third is high-level opening to the outside world should be formed. Fully copy and promote reform and innovation experience of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and in combination with actual condition in Anhui province, make efforts to create pilot area for government affairs service, technical innovation and inland opening. Apply and build actively (Anhui) Free Trade Zone. Guides and supports for open carriers including special customs controlling zone, development parks and various ports should be strengthened further, building for modern integrated access connecting east and west and south and north should be speeded up.
Fourth is high-efficient open economic system and mechanism should be formed. Clearance convenience level should be improved substantially, and international and legalized business environment should be improved continuously, and internationally compatible investment and trade system and mechanism should be formed gradually.
[Zhang Shuguang]: to realize above goals, we will make efforts in four aspects:
First is to highlight strategic positioning and comprehensively optimize open development pattern. It will surround closely and build important hub of "The Belt and Road Initiative", important support of Yangtze River Economic Zone, important growth pole of Yangtze River Delta new development, fully expand open up Both internally and externally, deepen regional cooperation and expand space and improve level during opening up and cooperation. Deeply participate building of "The Belt and Road Initiative", drive the development of Yangtze River Economic Zone and deepen integration development of the Yangtze River Delta.
Second is to highlight industrial support, take overall consideration of "Introduction" and "Going out ". We will face international and domestic market, deepen supply-side structural reform, strive to develop export-oriented industry cluster, actively integrate into global value chain, industry chain and market chain, continuously improve open economy field supply system quality and efficiency and make efforts to industry opening, investment promotion and foreign investment.
Third is to highlight transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve foreign trade development level. We will fully implement various policies for foreign trade development from the state and Anhui province, make efforts to strengthen foreign trade subject by more efforts and practical measures; we insist on quality fist, and expand new foreign trade, optimize structure and improve efficiency to keep up stable foreign trade, which provides important support for continuous economic development in the whole province, strive to make due contribution for open economy development in China.
Fourth is to highlight fundamental guarantee, and accelerate construction of great channel, large platform and large-scale customs clearance. We will make great efforts on infrastructure, customs clearance and foreign platform construction to expediting the construction of high-standard great channel, high level large platform and high efficient large-scale customs clearance, strive to improve opening condition to optimize environment and provide great support for open economy development.
Thanks for your question.
[Host]: The press conference is over, thank you, thank you all.

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