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127th Canton Fair Helps Disadvantaged Regions Reach Global Market

The ongoing 127th and the first-ever digital China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is supporting more than 1,000 companies from less-developed regions to have access to the international trade market, increasing by 62.3 percent.

On this global platform of the Canton Fair, companies can fully present their products to both domestic and foreign buyers without exhibiting on site, saving time, cost and resources.

"Since 2017, Canton Fair has helped more than 3,000 companies from less-developed areas with more than 5,000 exhibition booths," said Quandong Liu, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Canton Fair. "And now we are helping them move online to explore the international market."

Canton Fair introduces targeted measures for poverty alleviation

Shifting to online platforms, the Canton Fair is facilitating target measures, setting up barrier-free access for companies from less-developed areas, such as waiving of entrance and any other service fee and providing training on online marketing skills.

Tian Yongqiang, general manager of Baoyisheng pharmaceutical company in Longde town in China's Ningxia province, said that his company is located in the northwest of the country. They are not able to attend many trade fairs due to the limited transportation access, and the online Canton Fair has provided opportunities for them to tackle such challenges as well as to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have met many new buyers in our live stream rooms in the past two days. We will take this advantage to sell our quality products to the international market."

Market potential for less-developed areas discovered at the Canton Fair

Raw agricultural products are highlighted at this year's Canton Fair introduced by companies from less-developed areas, as they have geographic advantages of agriculture such as high altitude, sufficient sunlight, pollution-free environment as well as huge temperature difference between day and night.

Chen Yu, general manager from Yasheng International trade company from China's Gansu province, believes that with more people looking for a healthy lifestyle, raw agricultural products have huge market potential in the international markets.

"We have brought fennel, dried white melon seeds and cumin as well as pepper and Chinese red dates to the Fair. Many international buyers have shown interest to our products when they visit our live stream showroom."

Green tea from a Yi autonomous county in Mabian, Sichuan province, is another popular product at the Fair. Feng Min, deputy general manager of Jinyuchun Tea company, noted that their tea was popular with buyers in Japan and Europe. The company has brought premium yellow tea that features more green tea polyphenols and amino acids to its platform to explore new orders.

"In our live stream showroom, we can start a direct conversation with each other, as buyers can virtually see the details of dried tea leaves as well as the process of steeping tea."

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