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Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone(TJFTZ) & Tianjin Airport Economic Area(TAEA)


TJFTZ & TAEA is Core functional area of Tianjin BinhaiNew Area. Administrative Committee of TJFTZ & TAEA is not only the administrative agency for these two areas, but also for the airport zone of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone.The administrative surface is 87.4 Km2(81.2 Km2 in TAEA and 6.2 Km2 in TJFTZ).GDP is 139.2 billion RMB and revenue is 17.9 billion RMB in 2014.

TAEA have core industries such as Aviation and Aerospace,Equipment Manufacturing,Information Technology,Healthcare,Fast Moving Consumer Goods,Modern Service.

Pillar Industry -Aviation and Aerospace:Represented by Airbus, Avicopter, EurocopterSA and Bombardier, supported by United Technologies, Rockwell Collins, Goodrich, Zodiac, Turbomeca, PPG, FTG etc.
Representative enterprise: the Airbus A320 Final Assembly in TAEA is the first A320 assembly outside Europe, which is the symbol of technology cooperation between China and Europe.
The industrial output is 41.5 billion RMB in 2014.

Pillar Industry -Healthcare:In order to establish TAEA Bio-pharmaceutical Park, TAEA strives in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, bio-treatment, bio-diagnosis, chemical medicine and makes close connections with world famous pharmaceutical companies.
Representative enterprise:
GE Healthcare invested 100 million USD to produce MRI, medical imaging equipment.
BGI is the leading company in gene testing field and works in the field of healthcare, medical testing and biological breeding in TAEA.

Pillar Industry -Information Technology:Representative enterprises:
Internet & Mobile Internet
Software(CSC、VOLVO IT)
Mobile Devices(DTT, ZTE)
Telecom Operator(China Mobile, China Unicom)
Content Provider(CNTV, Longyuan)
APP(iFLY, Baihe)
Output is 23 billion RMB in 2014.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us:
Mrs. WANG Yinqiao(Seline)
Chief of Foreign Investment promotion Department
Bureau of Economic Development of Tianjin Airport Economic Area
Cell: +86-132-120-69522
Add:No. 166 Xi San Dao Rd., Tianjin Kong Gang Jing JiQu, Tianjin, China

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