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1-Yuezhi Enterprise越智企業簡介

Established in Feb1988, Yuezhi Enterprise has grown from a professional mold& plastic manufacturer to an enterprise with 3 subsidiary factories. It’s located in Ningbo China where is adjacent to the famous east port in China and has highly developed public transportation systems to connect airport, railroad station and expressways.

With the joint efforts and under the firm base of Ningbo Yuezhi Mould&Plastic Co.,Ltd, Ningbo Yuezhi Electronic Co.,Ltd and Ningbo Trend Auto Parts Co.,Ltd has larger room and better stage to develop.

Yuezhi Enterprise is striving to grow to be a diversified large-scale group company, mainly focusing on providing the better service for global friends. It is also engaged in the research and development of new products, and currently, its business has expanded to the fields of manufacturing of Plastic Containers, Storage Bins, Mould, Stationery, Office Supplies, Electrifies &Lighting, Auto Parts& Accessories etc.

It has been devoting itself to offering qualified products, reliable service with competitive price and professional staffs to meet the demands of the clients. Carrying out our business culture—"Value on people: Ability and Morality; Value on work: creative and striving for excellence; Value on service: To be the better “, Yuezhi Enterprise sincerely hopes to grow together with old and new clients in the near future.

2-Ningbo Yuezhi Mould&Plastic Co.,Ltd 越智模具公司簡介

Ningbo Yuezhi Mould&Plastic Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Yuezhi Enterprise, was wounded in 1988, which is specialized in manufacturing plastic injection molding products and mould parts etc with high-grade engineers owning more than 20 years’ experience.

With strong R&D team, quick and accurate reaction to the requirements of clients, our business activity has covered container &storage bin series, electronic box series, Office Supplies series, mould series and so on. Besides developing new products with clients and researching advanced technical processes in the plastic industrial, we also like to make OEM part for clients. A modernized method for making moulds has been formed with CAD/CAM/CAE technical integration as its basis, the CNC processing as the primary means and the common mechanical processing as an auxiliary way.

We are looking for the opportunity to cooperate with worldwide enterprises, wholesaler and merchants. We are confident to create satisfactory products with excellent services to build up an international brand.

3-Ningbo Yuezhi Electronic Co.,Ltd 越智電器公司簡介

Ningbo Yuezhi Electronic Co.,Ltd is located on the beautiful Siming Lake,Ningbo. It is an enterprise engaged in sensor and lamp design, development and assembly. In 2003, our output value reached 70 million RMB and is praised as the key backbone enterprise by the local government. 96% of our products are directly exported overseas!

It covers an area of 30,000 square meters with a floorage of 15,000 square meters. Under the joint efforts with Yuezhi Mould &Plastic Company, Yuezhi Electronics Co.,Ltd is active in absorbing the advanced characteristics of foreign products and developing new products which are energy saving, environmental, beautiful and practical. It is mainly engaged in the production of sensor, sensor light, street light, lawn lamps, bulkhead lamps, flood lamps and power poles. The company has developed 300 product varieties and specifications in 9 series.

The company can produce lamps in one-shot molding with its 1250 ton aluminum die machine. The surface is treated with spraying plastics. The products are not only beautiful and novel in shape, but also water proof and dustproof. The lamps are also characteristic of convenient installation and high light effect. The company's lamps have passed the test of shanghai state lamp quality supervision and test center and its IP value reaches 65.

Carrying out our business culture—"Value on people: Ability and Morality; Value on work: creative and striving for excellence; Value on service: To be the better “, Yuezhi Enterprise sincerely hopes to grow together with old and new clients in the near future.

4-Ningbo TREND Electronics Co.,Ltd TREND汽配公司簡介

Located in Lingang Developing Zone, Ningbo Trend Auto Parts Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001 and is a company integrating design and manufacture of plastic auto parts and accessories. With the 20 years’mould experience from brother company--Yuezhi Mould&Plastic Co., Ltd, we have the full ability in research of new products and technical innovation..94.3% of our products are directly exported overseas!

We have devoted ourselves to exploit and expand the overseas market for top quality plastic auto parts& accessories. In the mean time, we also provide excellent service to overseas clients from both OEM market and aftermarket. The products we manufacture includes 10 series 600 kinds of products, which are wiper blade,distributor cap,rearview mirror,door handle in addition to car accessories such as vacuum cleaner,winch,baby car seat,inverter etc.

With the rapid development of automobile industry, facing the violent market competition, Trend Auto Parts Co.,Ltd makes its mind to carry forward the spirit of working hard and perseveringly and develop and keep forging ahead. We cordially invite both domestic and abroad friends to establish business relations, exploit the market and develop together.

Service Slogan: to be the better!

Tel : 008613621958996

Name : Jim Chen

E-mail: c_j1971@126.com

How far the mind can go! How far we can go! More than 15 years has passed ever since the foundation of Yuezhi Enterprise. We have no specific starting point in our journey. In retrospect, as we take every opportunity and challenge as our new jumping-off for the next triumph.

Today's business world is full of opportunities and challenges. Follow the trend of the age, be innovative, develop corporate culture and study and take advantage of the development experiences of international enterprise to maintain rapid growth and become strong through competition and cooperation. We must be calm and have a very clear vision about the future. So it is necessary to sufficiently exert our comparative advantages and actively take a correct position in the global business world to continuously make our objectives be realized.

Growing together with us, you will simply enjoy the followings:

1) Quality Products made and created in Ningbo China.

2) Reasonable Price due to the technical cost and highly developed transportation system

3) Prompt Shipment as our production capability and strong relation with shipping companies

With the grateful help and support from all levels around, the company has experienced a fast thriving period. Therefore, I would like to express my full gratitude to the friends who have been with us for so long. Yuezhi People will consistently abide by the standards to be the better to the content of our customers, staff and society.



Tel : 008613621958996

Name : Jim Chen

E-mail: c_j1971@126.com

Ninghai Yuezhi Mould & Plastic CO.,LTD.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter in china, Our maily products are stainless steel lifting rigging, ship yacht fittings, car fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings and so on.If you want to know more about us, please reply me and check our website: http://www.slingers.com.cn , then I will give you more information about our company.


Add: Room 202, Unit 3, No.17 Dayao san Road, Qingdao city, Shandong province, China.

TEL: 0086-532-85977095

FAX: 0086-532-85977097


MSN: huifangriggingb@gmail.com

SKYPE: huifangriggingb


E-MAIL: huifangriggingb@gmail.com

Dear Commercial Counselor,

Have a nice day! I am Frank from Wuyi Qimeijia Motion Apparatus Co.,Ltd. Would you please kindly help us to find some importers of fitness equipment from Moldova?

We are a specialized manufacturer of fintess equipments, such as vibration massage machine, power plate, treadmills, air walkers, folding bikes, horse riding machine and so on. Our products are of high quality and the prices are reasonable. They are mainly exported to Europe. Would you please recommend our products to them or give us their contact information? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

I wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year!

Best regards,


Wuyi Qimeijia Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-579-87721367

Fax: 86-579-87700067

Email: fitness1@cnangell.com

website: www.cnangell.com








Sales Manager


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