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The 3rd China (Foshan) International Metals Industry Exhibition 2009

【Date】 March 26 – 28, 2009

【Venue】 Foshan International Conference and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Province


Guangdong Provincial Economy and Trade Commission


The People's Government of Foshan Municipality

Stainless steel Branch of China Chamber of Commerce of Metallurgy Industry

Guangdong Iron and Steel Industrial Association

Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Industry Association


The People's Government of Chancheng District, Foshan

The People's Government of Nanhai District, Foshan

The People's Government of Shunde District, Foshan

The People's Government of Gaoming District, Foshan

The People's Government of Sanshui District, Foshan

【Special Acknowledgement】

BAOSTEEL Group Corporation


Foshan Municipal Economy and Trade Bureau

Foshan Chengzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Foshan Exhibition and Convention Association

Foshan Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau


Benefiting from the solid industrial foundation and huge market of Foshan ,City of Stainless Steel Processing and Trade, the China (Foshan) International Metals Industry Exhibition, which is a government-sponsor trade fair, has become the most professional and competitive event of metals industry after the past two years' rapid development, and the most effective platform for manufacturers and suppliers at home and abroad to build their brand awareness and promote their products in south-china, and also a must-attend sourcing events for the industry buyers.

The first and second sessions have gained great achievements, with exhibition space up to 23,5000 ㎡ and more than 463 companies at home and abroad attended.

Based in Foshan and china-oriented, the 3rd China (Foshan) International Metals Industry Exhibition 2009 will be held on March 26-28. It is anticipated that a large-scaled, brands-gathering industry event will be present to you.

【Scope of Exhibition】

Brand exhibition area: for the large and growth enterprises inside the industry by special design booth to showcase their brand identity and strength

Stainless steel exhibition: stainless steel pipes, strips, plates, bars, wires, billets, ingots etc; Stainless steel processing and distribution;

Steel and iron exhibition: Metal plates(hot & cold rolled plates, acid pickling plates, galvanized plates, color-coated plates and medium-thick plates, hard cold rolled coil, Tinplate, silicon steel, aluminum plates etc);Steel strips(cold rolled steel strips, hot rolled steel strips, precision steel strips, copper strips);

Steel pipe exhibition: Each kind of seamless steel pipes, welded pipes, hot rolled seamless pipes, cold drawn seamless pipes, hot galvanized steel pipes, electro galvanized steel pipes, steel pipe flanges, elbow pipe etc;

Each kind of superior bar, steel profile, wire, special steel, steel processing and distribution;

Production & processing supplementary equipment: stainless steel rolling, annealing, acid pickling, surface processing, deep processing(shearing, stamping, slitting, welding) etc; plate and strip processing equipment, welded pipe mill, seamless steel tube mill, metal detection equipment, industrial furnace, pipe bending(cutting) machine, metal circular sawing machine, roller, coupling, saw blade etc.



24, Mar. 08:30-17:00

25, Mar. 08:30-20:00

Opening Ceremony:

26, Mar. 10:00-10:30


26, Mar. 10:00-16:30

27, Mar. 09:00-16:30

28, Mar. 09:00-15:30


28, Mar. 14:30-19:00


Domestic enterprises: 8 900 RMB/exhibition period/standard booth

raw space:890 RMB/㎡

Overseas enterprises: 11 800元/exhibition period/standard booth

raw space:1180 RMB/㎡

notes: A standard booth(9㎡)includes one negotiating table, two chairs, two fluorescent lamps, one title board。

raw spaces(Renting from 36㎡) does not equip any exhibition frames and facilities, the exhibitors can arrange the special decorate work by oneself or entrust the building company recommended by the organizer。Special Design Booth management fee:25 RMB/㎡


Insgroupsto match with the exhibition publicity and publicize the products and enterprises, the organizing committee will edit “Exhibition Catalogue” during the exhibition. The catalogue will be widely sent to the professional visitors and government procurement departments. Welcome purchasing the exhibition journal and the price is:

Front Cover: 58 000 RMB/page

Inside front cover, inside back cover, title page: 29 000 RMB/page

Back cover: 38 000 RMB/page

Colored inside page: 8 000 RMB/page

Visiting tickets: 15 000 RMB/20 000 pieces

Gift bag: 30 000 RMB/5 000 PCS

Balloon: 9 000 RMB/couple

Colored flag: 9 000 RMB/350 pieces

Invitation cards: 30 000 RMB/20 000 pieces

Inflated arches: 13 000 RMB/couple

AD in the foyer: 29 000 RMB/exhibition period

Credentials: 15 000 RMB/5 000 pieces

Foshan Chengzhan Exhibition Service CO., LTD

Add: Room 1606,Building NO.13, Fuhua Road, Chancheng Dist., Foshan, China

Postal code:528000

Tel:0086-757-83484305 Fax: 0086-757-83284326

Contact: Mr. Lin 0086-13542516669

E-mail: i_zsqun@yahoo.com.cn


Account Name: Foshan Chengzhan Exhibition Service CO., LTD

Bank: Gaoxin Branch, Foshan, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Account Number: 20130-96819-20001-7538

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