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Invitation to First Session of World Consumer Goods Fair

【Back ground】

China is one of the countries in the world of which the economy increased by wide margin, along with the economy developing rapidly, the market demand of consumer goods is growing day by day. In 2007, the total amount of China social consumer goods has increased into RMB8.9 trillion yuan, the average rate is increasing by 13.1 percent a year, that expressed that the development of China market for consumer goods entered a new period. In 2010, the import amount of China will break through trillion us dollar, the salable imported commodities will enjoy their proper shares.

Approved by Tianjin Commission of Commerce, first Session of World Consumer Goods Fair will be held in the last ten days of May, 2009 in Tianjin – the metropolis in North of China . It will be sole and the biggest professional fair of international consumer goods in North of China.

【The purpose】

The purpose of this fair is to create a completely new business platform for home and abroad manufactures, distributors of consumer goods. At that time, the fair will assemble internal, external famous enterprises, branded products, last products attending the fair, and will bring many opportunities of consumer goods business for businessmen from every countries around the world. This fair will be the information communicating centre for products of various counties’ exhibitors, and will be a ideal site to understand the current trend of international market, know new clients, display/sell the commodities on the spot, and negotiate business.

【Introduction to host city】

World consumer goods fair is the first professional fair of international consumer goods in North China. The place holding the fair - Tianjin is a large outlet in North of China, is among the 10 big ports in the world, is the economic and financial centre of Rim Bohai Sea area, is the main passage of “three North” (Northeast, Northwest and the Northern China ). Tianjin has the costal superiorities, is the first big port in North of China and the economic centre of Rim Bohai Sea area.

【Essential information】

Fair name: first session of world consumer goods fair

Time: from May 22nd – 25th, 2009( 4 days)

Stand construction time: May 19th – 21st , 2009

Venue: China, Tianjin Sport Centre

Approver: Tianjin Commission of Commerce

Organizer: Tianjin Foreign Economic Trade & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Business way: Combination of display, sales on site and business talks.

【Exhibition Scope】

☆Home decorations, health care products, furnitures, household products, hardwares, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, home electrical appliances, bed items etc., consumer goods.

☆Stationery, office supplies, electronic consumer goods, gifts, arts &crafts, toys.

☆Indoor/ outdoor sport goods, water sport goods, tourist goods , automobile & articles concerned, garden goods, flower and plants recreating goods, body healthy instruments etc..

☆Textiles fabrics, home textiles, garments accessories, cases, shoes, hats, jewellery.

☆Foodstuffs, beverages, spirits.

【Exhibiting expenses】

1. International standard stand ( 3M×3M ): USD1000(Equivalence RMB 7000yuan/booth)

Facilities included: triple faces exhibition board (3W×2.5H); fascia with Chinese – English, carpet; 1 advisory table; 2 chairs, 2 directional brackets; one power socket (220V,50Hz)

2. Indoor raw space ( minimum area is 36sqm): USD 80 (Equivalence RMB 560yuan/sqm)

Remarks: Indoor raw space only the relevant area provided without any facilities, the participant will construct and remove booth by himself.

3. Out door raw space ( minimum area is 36sqm): USD50 (Equivalence RMB280yuan/sqm).

Remarks: Indoor raw space only the relevant area provided without any facilities, the participant will construct and remove booth by himself, meanwhile should pay USD10 (Equivalence RMB70yuan/sqm) as the construction management expenses in the period of exhibition.

【Strong Publicity & Promotion】

In this “World Consumer Goods Fair” except the ordinary medium reports, the distinctive ways of publicity and promotion will be taken for strong promotion.

1.Brilliant gala preheats the publicizing impetus

In the evening of May 21st, 2009, the organizer will hold an opening entertainment on the subject of “World Consumer Goods Fair” in Tianjin Olympic Sports Centre (Water drop), at that time, more than 50,000 people( including professional buyers, the persons of the trade circle, and common consumers) will be invited to attend. The purpose is to make a spread publicity about “ World Consumer Goods Fair” by this stage, and make the “ World Consumer Goods Fair” arousing the huge social echo.

Time: evening 19:30, May 21st , 2009

Venue: Tianjin Olympic Sports Centre (Water drop)

2.The admission tickets will be sent in advance to secure the results.

Every honorable guests attending this gala also will be presented 5pcs of “ World Consumer Goods Fair” tickets, the early publicities and on-site tickets sending will attract the presences of more purchasers and consumers, and there will be several lakh of visitors estimatively, that will ensure the exhibitors worthwhile trip and obtain the substantial exhibiting results.

3.On – site raffles will agitate the visitors.

“ World Consumer Goods Fair” will set up the raffling activities on the spot every day, it is possible to win a prize by ticket. This measure will make “ World Consumer Goods Fair” as the attention focused by multitude, and maximize the fair popularity.

【Convenient conditions】

◆ If exhibitor needs the organizing committee will contact hotel, reserve air ticket for him.

◆ If exhibitor needs special booth decorating, employee and interpreter, he could entrust the office of organizing committee, and he will enjoy privilege.

◆ If exhibitor wants further exhibition equipment, he could apply in advance, and the concerned expenses are bore by exhibitor.

【Associated services】

□ To publicize in home and abroad media;

□ To assist exhibitors arrange business investigation;

□ To assist exhibitors invite customer to discuss;


1. To fill in application with signature, seal then fax to organizing committee.

2. After participation confirmed, please remit booth charge and other expenses concerned to special account appointed by organizing committee within 10 days after registered.

Deadline: before Feb. 25th, 2009


Contact person: Liang Wei

Tel: 0086-22-88238716


E-mail: tjzlgs@yahoo.com.cn

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