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Press Release of the Opening Press Conference of the 126th Session of the Canton Fair

The Press Conference for the opening of the 126th session of China Import and Export Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of Oct 14th. Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the characteristics, highlights and preparation of this session to press from home and abroad.

Xu said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC. In the past 70 years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China has witnessed earthshaking changes and created a miracle of development unprecedented in human history. From a poor and weak agricultural country to the world’s second largest economy, from the “sleeping lion” to the world’s first and foremost engine of economic growth, China has achieved giant leaps in its economic development. Made in China have become popular throughout the world. China’s foreign trade sector has also grown bigger and stronger and made splendid progress drawing worldwide attention. The total amount of foreign trade surged from 1.1 billion dollars after the founding of our country to 4.6 trillion dollars in 2018, making China the largest trader of goods in the world. Trade mix has been constantly optimized, and machinery and electronic products as well as products with high technological content have become the main exports. Private companies are the main force of foreign trade.

As China’s largest platform for promoting foreign trade, Canton Fair, established in 1957, broke the economic embargo and political isolation of the West and opened a door to the world. For 62 years, Canton Fair has never been suspended. Born in economic blockade, it kept exploring steps in adversity; it rose in reform and opening up and marched in the new era. Canton Fair has made important contributions to China’s economic growth and opening up, and for China to become a large trader and to grow into a strong trader.

Xu said that in the new era, Canton Fair has entered the stage of quality development. Facing new requirements and expectation, we will fulfill our historical mission of serving major strategies of the Party and the state, serving all-round opening up and serving the big picture of foreign trade development. This year, the government has introduced new policies and measures in time to stabilize foreign trade, promoted “Five Optimizations” and “Three Constructions”, striven for an international, legal and convenient business environment and boosted market vitality. Therefore China’s foreign trade has shown a sound momentum of steady and quality growth. However we must also be aware that the current world economic growth has slowed; rising trade protectionism and major challenges faced by multilateral trading system mean a more complicated and severe environment for China’s foreign trade development. Against this background, to successfully hold the 126th Canton Fair is of great significance to drive the supply-side reform of foreign trade, accelerate the forming of new competitive edges of foreign trade and accomplish the yearly task of steady and quality growth of foreign trade and high quality economic development.

In the 126th session, we will follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress, Central Economic Work Conference and National Commerce Work Conference. We will implement new development concepts, pursue high-quality development, improve Canton Fair’s specialization, market-orientation, information technology application and international development, and make new contribution to the stable and quality growth of foreign trade, to serve the building of a strong trading power and open economic development and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC with remarkable achievements.

Xu Bing introduced that the whole arrangement of the 126th Canton Fair remains the same and exhibition size steady. The 126th session will still be held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.185 million square meters and 60,676 booths. Phase 1 is held from Oct 15th to 19th, exhibiting Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products, Vehicles Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products and Energy Products. Phase 2 Oct 23rd to 27th, showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products. Phase 3 Oct 31st to Nov 4th, showing Textile and Garment, Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products, Medicine and Healthcare Products and Food.

16 categories of products will be exhibited in 51 sections. In this session, there are 59,678 booths in the National Pavilion. The booth arrangement is: 12,125 brand booths and 47,553 regular booths, taking up 20.32% and 79.68% respectively. There are altogether 25,000 exhibitors: 8728 in Phase 1, 7565 in Phase 2, and 8707 in Phase 3.

The International Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 998 booths and 6 product zones, and 642 enterprises and 11 national and regional delegations from 38 countries and regions.

Xu said that we will continue to advance reform of the supply front and work hard to enhance Canton Fair’s specialization and improve quality of exhibiting companies. Firstly, we’ve launched building series of specialized themes under the comprehensive show. On the basis of 16 product categories, we will reorganize 51 sections into 19 specialized themes according to their sectors for promotion and create a new image of specialized themes with distinctive advantages. Secondly, attract new brand exhibiting companies. We’ve improved the adjustment of the brand booths, and reviewed brand booths in Building and Decorative Materials, Men’s and Women’s Wear, Children’s Wear, to bring in “new blood” and enhance Canton Fair’s role of nurturing brands and leading industries. Thirdly, we’ve improved the quality of exhibiting companies in the sections of New Energy and Pet Products. After conducting a full-scale review of all applicants of these two sections, we’ve selected 81 new energy and 83 pet products exhibitors. The proportion of new exhibitors stands at 25% and 16% respectively, while the leading companies of the two sectors continue to participate.

Xu pointed out that in this session we will further improve the quality of International Pavilion to create a more open and public international platform. Firstly, invite quality overseas exhibitors. Many famous leading companies and world industrial clusters will participate in the International Pavilion; specifically there are 642 exhibiting companies and 11 national and regional delegations from 38 countries and regions. Canada and Japan are first-time national delegations. We will continue to set up Baby Product Zone and Daily Chemicals and Personal Care zone during Phase 3. Secondly, Belt & Road exhibitors are the biggest participating party. We have totally 367 exhibiting companies from 21 Belt & Road countries, accounting for nearly 60% of all exhibitors. Thirdly, we’ve increased invitation of domestic specialized buyers. We’ve engaged in targeted advertising and marketing on social media to reach more potential buyers. We’ve stepped up invitation to large supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, import supermarkets and other specialized purchasing parties to help overseas exhibitors explore domestic market channels. Fourthly, we’ll hold promotion and matchmaking events. Based on the hotspots of domestic consumer market, we will hold Canton Fair “international food show” during Phase 3 in the International Pavilion to display and promote overseas exhibiting companies of food and beverage sector and their products, to build an efficient networking platform between suppliers and buyers.

Xu mentioned that in this session we’ve stuck to the principle of “innovative, specialized, targeted and delicate”, focus on key sections and target markets, to provide a more convenient attending experience, more secure transactions and higher return for buyers. Firstly, launch global promotion with the focus on “Belt & Road”. We’ve gone to 15 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America for promotion and held 19 video conferences of Internet Promotion Campaign in 17 countries and regions such as the US, EU and B&R countries. Specifically we’ve advanced the combination of Internet Promotion Campaign and supplier-buyer matchmaking to improve the conversion rate of buyers attending. Secondly, enhance content marketing. We’ve improved the planning of content marketing. According to the characteristics of different sections, industries and markets and demands of buyers, we’ve sent marketing content in a targeted manner through professional channels and using latest marketing technique. Thirdly, launch targeted marketing. We’ve strengthened buyers’ big data analysis, optimized various inviting channels, improved “i-Invite” activities, bettered smart newsletter sending to new buyers and increased the accuracy of newsletter to loyal buyers. Fourthly, create a win-win “marketing ecosystem”. Under the framework of “Canton Fair Global Partnership Program”, we’ve signed cooperative agreement with 128 organizations of 72 countries and regions. We’ve furthered Buyer Incentive Program and deepened cooperation with related service agencies to improve buyers’ business and traveling experience. Also we’ve provided delicate service and focused on full life cycle management of customer relations.

Xu said that in this session we will continue to improve information service, play Canton Fair’s role as a comprehensive multi-functional platform to drive opening up of various regions and industrial development and boost quality development of foreign trade. Firstly, organize high-end conferences and forums. We will organize 20 events, covering the themes of international trade friction, trade risk control, RMB exchange rate, supplier-buyer matchmaking, fashion trend, etc. The 2019 Canton Fair International Trade Development Forum will hold talks on global trade background, Sino US trade friction, “Belt & Road” opportunities and company transformation and upgrading. Secondly, organize promotion activities for CF Awards. 732 companies with 1458 products have participated in the competition of 2019 CF Awards, an increase of 16.38% and 20.1% respectively over the last year. After selection by the committee, 106 products from 74 companies have won Bronze, Silver, Gold and Best of Best Awards. We will hold the Awarding Ceremony, set up exhibition hall for winning products and organize scenario-style new product launch event for winners to gain more publicity for quality companies and products and play an exemplary effect of “leading innovation, building standards”. Thirdly, promote open economic development of different regions. We will organize promotion and trade matchmaking events for 40 provinces and cities, and arrange 7 regional industrial clusters and 39 national bases for foreign trade transformation and upgrading to exhibit in a concentrated way.Also we will set up a sports product experience zone in Phase 3 for the first time. Fourthly, further advance “trade enhanced by design” activities. In this session we will welcome 111 design agencies from 16 countries and regions to participate in our design display and support exhibitors to improve quality, create brands and explore markets.

In this session we will continue to adopt a double-pronged approach: prevention and onsite handling to ensure IPR protection and innovation-based development. Firstly, improve IPR protection awareness. Through summarizing the experiences, classic cases, and results, we will nurture a culture of “respect for knowledge, advocacy of innovation, integrity and law-abiding”. Secondly, improve precaution mechanism. We will send reminder and encourage exhibitors’ self-examination, and send formal notice during the Fair to cover all exhibition sections and entire timeline. Thirdly,improve professional service. We will invite experts of IPR law enforcement department and trade dispute arbitration professionals of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality to station at the Fair, to make sure the cases are dealt with in a professional, efficient and strict manner and create a fair, honest, and harmonious trading environment.

Xu said that the building of Smart Canton Fair has entered the final stage. We’ve basically accomplished an integrated software and hardware supporting system and laid the foundation of interconnected systems and coordinated technical standards. Online-offline integration centered on 6 new business models--smart services, preshow, smart business traveling, supplier-buyer matchmaking, Canton Fair certification, company promotion has taken shape. Pilot operation will be launched before and after this session. Through reshaping services and making innovation in systems, Smart Canton Fair has restructured our business system, realized smart management and will provide more convenient services.

We will continue to press ahead Canton Fair Green Development Plan 2.0 and improve green development. Firstly, spur innovation in Green Booth Awarding Ceremony. We will launch the selection of 126 Canton Fair Green Booth Award to set up excellent examples and step up the branding of this Award. We will organize “Green Space” series activities and invite exhibitors, designers, academic experts, contractor of custom-built booths and suppliers of materials to further discuss new measures to improve the quality of green development in the exhibition industry.Secondly, move forward building the green standard system. Evaluation Guide of Green Booth has gained the project approval from the National Standardization Administration. We will advance compiling of the standards according to our plan and strive for its early release. Thirdly, cancel the garbage clearance service. According to the environmental concepts of strengthening origin control, process monitoring and end treatment, we will cancel the garbage clearance service and prohibit the discarding of exhibits, samples and waste construction materials onsite to guarantee practical progress made in garbage management.

This year is critical for winning the hard battle of poverty reduction and ensuring the establishment of a well-off society in all aspects in 2020. In this session we will fulfill our political responsibility in poverty reduction and take pragmatic measures to implement poverty alleviation by business development. Firstly, cancel booth fee for exhibitors from poor areas. It is estimated that more than 700 exhibitors will participate for free. Secondly, we will set up the Traditional Chinese Specialties section. Covering an area of 4500 m2, this section has 228 booths, 38 more than the last session. 207 exhibiting companies, 37 more than the last session, from 22 trading delegations will showcase their feature products such as food, men’s and women’s wear, health care products and medical equipment, etc. Thirdly, hold promotion event for Traditional Chinese Specialties section. We will hold specialty food promotion event for this section in Phase 3 to increase publicity of relevant enterprises and products for free through display and promotion, supplier-buyer matchmaking and thematic performance. Fourthly, provide assistance in trade negotiation. We will strengthen section navigation, provide free interpretation service for exhibitors and also provide guiding and training on making transaction to support foreign trade development of poor areas.

Also, we will continue to collect booth fee according to the reduced level of the 119th session, cancel 23 service fees, lay carpet for free to relieve exhibitors’ burden and help them to respond the complicated and severe foreign trade environment.

Xu emphasized that we should have concept of safe development, implement the principle of “safety first, prevention foremost and comprehensive treatment”, focus on safe production and risk prevention to ensure the stable operation of the fair. We’ve worked closely with relevant departments of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality to build a comprehensive, three-dimensional, all weather security and prevention system with big data technology; strengthened booth management and cracked down upon “blacklisted agencies” to handle dispute on booth usage in a fast and transparent manner; enhanced management of on-site construction, fire prevention and power usage, refined our work procedures and closed security loopholes, and improved all kinds of emergency plans and our capacity.

Xu Bing also answered questions of journalists on Canton Fair’s contribution to stable and quality growth of foreign trade and high quality economic development, promotion of “Belt and Road” trade cooperation, contribution to poverty reduction, buyer attendance and development process and important contributions, etc.

In this session some key events are as follows.

The Opening Reception of the 126th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel in the evening of Oct 14th.

Canton Fair International Trade Development Forum “Embracing the New Era of Trade” will be held in the afternoon of Oct 16th.

2019 CF Awards Presenting Ceremony i.e. New Product Release of CF Awards Winners, will be held in the morning of Oct 24th.

Promotion Event for Specialty Food of Traditional Chinese Specialty section will be held in the morning of Nov 1st.

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