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The Letter to Foreign-funded Enterprises in Jiangsu by Party Secretary and Governor of China Jiangsu Province at this Critical Moment


Jiangsu Province is a key destination for foreign investment Projects in China, with more than 2000 projects invested by German companies.

On March 2, Secretary Lou Qinjian of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Governor Wu Zhenglong of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government wrote a letter to foreign-funded enterprises in the province at this critical moment when positive progress has been made continuously in the prevention and control of COVID-19, economic and social development has been recovering at a faster pace, and enterprises’ resumption of production has been facilitated rapidly. On behalf of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, Lou and Wu expressed thanks to foreign-funded enterprises across the province for placing trust and love upon Jiangsu over the years as well as their understanding, support and assistance for the work of prevention and control during the special period of epidemic spread. They stressed that foreign-funded enterprises are important for Jiangsu’s economic and social development and expressed that Jiangsu will join hands with them to tide over the difficulties by actively delivering targeted services.

According to the letter, the Chinese government, under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures since the outbreak of the epidemic. With concerted efforts, the situation of the whole nation has been improving, and Jiangsu has been making steady progress in epidemic prevention and control. During this period, we intensified efforts in providing reminders and services to over 40,000 foreigners in Jiangsu, and none of them has been infected so far. Facts have proven that China has the confidence, capacity and determination to secure an ultimate victory against the epidemic at the earliest possible date. Jiangsu Province has adequate material and technological foundation as well as medical resources to safeguard the health and safety of its people and provide a safe and reliable development environment for all investors, foreign investors included.

The letter said that, as epidemic response shifts to a phase of coordinated efforts in prevention and control as well as social and economic development, normal economic and social orders are recovering smoothly. Foreign-funded enterprises, an importance force in our economic and social development, are for the most part resuming production. According to field investigations, many foreign-funded enterprises noted that local governments took the initiative to buy them preventive supplies, resolve difficulties in matching with supporting industries and facilitate unimpeded flow of personnel and materials, which further boosted their investment confidence. These moves epitomize Jiangsu’s thoughtful services and great importance attached to foreign-funded enterprises, which is believed to be felt by foreign businesses across the province. Our services may not always be satisfactory; however, we will take your difficulties seriously and deliver targeted services to help you overcome challenges.

The letter stated that, at a time when the situation of prevention and control was most serious and difficult, we still cordially received and properly accommodated travelers from Wuhan and other places of Hubei Province. COVID-19 has broken out in a number of countries, and our thoughts are with the people in affected places. Jiangsu always treats foreign-funded enterprises and Chinese ones as equals and offers the same services to overseas and Chinese employees alike. When in Jiangsu, you and your families will receive national treatment and necessary health precautions the same as those for Chinese nationals. We will provide warm and considerate services and hope to have your understanding and support.

The letter noted that humanity is a community with a shared future, which is demonstrated not only by win-win economic cooperation and mutual learning between civilizations but by joint response to major challenges posed by the epidemic. We have gained some hard-won experience during our fight against the epidemic, which we are ready to share with your headquarters at home if needed. We also stand ready to provide support and assistance within our capacity. After every storm, comes a rainbow. It is believed that we will embrace an even brighter future after this joint battle against the epidemic.

Edited by China Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Office in France


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