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[Yearly Overview I for Commerce Work in 2018] New Headway Has Been Made in Building Green Shopping Malls

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and carry out ecological civilization construction, MOFCOM vigorously promoted green circulation, pushed forward green consumption, and actively advanced the creation of green shopping malls to achieve new results. In 2018, a total of 72 green shopping malls were created, which has broadened and deepened the work and further enhanced its social influence. At present, the demonstration function of green shopping malls is constantly increasing, and it has gradually become a work platform to further promote the green transformation and development of the retail industry.

(1) Serve people's livelihood and create a green shopping environment. The green shopping malls generally set up a green product area or counter to provide convenience for consumers to purchase green products. At the same time, generally speaking, it has carried out stores鈥energy-saving renovation, using energy-saving air conditioners, frequency escalators and other facilities and equipment, providing green shopping bags for consumers to create a green shopping environment. Jiangsu Province has also made the government and the enterprises coordinated together to promote 鈥渢oilet revolution鈥and waste sorting in the green shopping mall creation activities. It will closely integrate the creation of green shopping malls into the projects of servicing people's livelihood, which has made the policy overlapping effects obvious.

(2) Adapt to the needs and trends of green consumption. Green shopping malls have played an active role in boosting consumption upgrading, promoting and expanding green recycling consumption. The green shopping mall initiative units have conducted on-site strict scrutiny for the suppliers selection, strengthened supply chain management, improved environmental protection and food safety requirements, strengthened source control, and ensured consumers' consumption and green consumption. At the same time, they also actively launched various green product promotion activities to meet the people's requirements for green consumption. Some green shopping malls creation units said that the preliminary effectiveness has appeared since the companies鈥green consumption promotion activities, and it is expected that sales will exceed 10% year on year. In addition, some green shopping malls will promote the close integration of green consumption and business poverty alleviation work to achieve good social benefits.

(3) Lead the green development of the circulation industry. According to statistics, in January-November 2018, 85 green shopping malls built in 2016-2017 achieved sales of 113.882 billion yuan, with an increase of 5.06% year on year. Electricity consumption decreased by 6.37% year on year. Green shopping malls have played a more obvious role in further improving the green development level of the circulation industry and guiding green consumption and lifestyle. At the same time, the green shopping mall construction activities also led to the green development of circulation enterprises. For example, some enterprises establish an intelligent management system for real-time measurement and control of the energy consumption of the on-site merchants, make clear requirements for the mall merchants, and constrain them through agreements. Some green shopping malls have signed agreements with qualified recycling companies to sort and recycle all types of wastes, and facilitate the recycling of garbage through electronic products recycling measures such as old product trade-in and awarding credit points for future consumption, and setting up automatic recycling devices.

(4) Promote the concept of green recycling consumption. The green shopping mall construction units actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, adopted various forms of publicity activities, and advocated the concept of green consumption, receiving wide attention and praise from all walks of life. During the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week in 2018, 85 green shopping malls launched a publicity campaign on the theme of 鈥淐onserving Energy and Reducing Consumption for a Blue Sky鈥 and launched the 鈥淕reen Shopping Mall Plastic Reduction鈥initiative to play the role of green shopping mall. Many companies use wall posters, promotional galleries, electronic screens, brochures and other forms to carry out consumer-oriented promotional activities and link up with on-site promotions to create a good atmosphere for green recycling.

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