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2015 Business Review VII: Perfect the Import and Export Control Permit System and Improve the Management Level

In 2015, the Industrial Security and Import and Export Control Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce profoundly carried out and implemented the spirits of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the general national safety concept of 鈥渢aking political safety as the foundation, taking economic security as the basis and taking the promotion of the international security as the support鈥proposed by the General Secretary Xi Jinping. It also carefully did a good job in the industrial security and import and export control work and continued to perfect the export management permit system. During the past one year, the export control permit work has been steadily promoted and positive progress has been made.

Efforts have been made to perform duties according to law, to carefully investigate and improve the management level and efficiency. In 2015, in terms of the permit application listed on the list of the dual-use item and the technical import and export control, the Safety and Control Bureau strictly made investigation examination according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations and effectively uphold the seriousness and authority of the export control permit. Since this year, in order to safeguard national security, the Safety and Control Bureau has implemented the temporary export control measures on both military and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles of air, sea and land based on the control standards of MTCR and on some unmanned aircrafts and high-performance computers, and conducted supervision and examination on the export of the above items according to law. Besides, the Bureau has also adjusted the permit system in time according to the export control measures and the announcements of the unmanned aerial vehicle and the amended list of the dual-use of the nuclear goods to guarantee the normal and ordered launch of the permit work.

Efforts have been made to carefully do a good job in all kinds of work of the reform of administrative examination and approval and to further standardize the administration permit behavior. In 2015, according to the requirements of the Approval and Reform Office of the State Council, the Safety and Control Bureau actively coordinated to do a good job in all kinds of work of the reform of administration examination and approval. At present, work such as sorting out administration approval items, reporting the service guidance of administration examination and approval and investigating the requirements has been completed. On September 21, the MOFCOM issued the Notification on Doing a Good Job in the Import and Export Control Permit Work of the Dual-use Items and Technology by the Ministry of Commerce. On the basis of conforming to the regulations of the relevant laws and rules and the requirements of the reform of administration examination and approval system, the Safety and Control Bureau practically optimized the examination and approval procedure and realized the concept of high efficiency and convenience for the people.

Efforts have been made to fully use various ways comprehensively, actively facilitate the dual-use items and legal trading of technology and to strengthen the service for enterprises. Firstly, efforts have been made to actively improve the consultation mechanism of the export control working group, to strengthen the connection and coordination with the relevant units of export control and to jointly solve the difficulties in the work. Secondly, efforts have been made to implement the 鈥渃ommon permit鈥to the export of enterprises with good reputation, to facilitate the normal and compliant trades, to launch the common permit examination, to propose the rectification requirements and to constantly improve the awareness of enterprises to abide by law and regulate themselves. Thirdly, efforts have been made to constantly improve all kinds of functions of the government affair platform of the export control and to improve the public service capacity of administration. In 2015, the Safety and Control Bureau improved the functions of the e-government platform, opened the pre-acceptance and pre-examination consultant to facilitate the communication with enterprises on relevant problems. The examination and approval results were all electronized and the enterprises could inquire the process and the approval results on line. The flexible statistical inquiry and fixed report function have been developed and the statistical analysis of the export control data has been constantly enhanced. By upgrading and transforming the e-government platform, the Safety and Control Bureau realized the goal of facilitating enterprises to apply and report and facilitating the permit management and summary analysis.

Efforts have been made to actively carry out the multilateral and bilateral export control communication and strengthen the connection with the foreign competent export control departments. In 2015, the Safety and Control Bureau launched broad communicative activities of foreign export control. For example, the Bureau went to the United States to hold the 3rd China-US Export Control Permit Official Seminar. It also held the 3rd China-US Strategic Trade Commodity Transference Analysis Seminar and carried out the translation project of technical identification manual of dual-use nuclear goods. Besides, it participated in the EU Export Control Seminar, the China-Saudi Arabia Export Control Communication Conference, the China-Cuba Biotechnological Cooperation Communication Conference, the NSG Technical Expert Group Meeting, the China-Germany-France Export Control Communication Conference, etc. The above activities obtained favorable effects.

Efforts have been made to actively do a good job in the relevant work of drug control under the unified deployment of the China National Narcotic Control Commission. In 2015, the Safety and Control Bureau strictly investigated and examined the import and export of the precursor chemicals according to the law, widely carried out the amendments and research on items, took part in the 2015 China-Laos, China-Burma Substitute Planting bilateral meetings and studied and defined the substitute key demonstration projects.

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