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Report on Romania-China Trade in January-April 2019

According to the statistics of Romania, in January-April 2019, the volume of Romania-China trade reached US$1.864 billion, down 0.95% compared with that of 2018 over the same period of time. China is Romania鈥檚 8th largest trade partner, one place down than that in 2018 (No. 7) on the trade list, becoming Romania鈥檚 second largest trade partner outside the EU (following Turkey). Romania鈥檚 import from China reached US$1.642 billion, up 2.54% year on year and China was Romania鈥檚 6th largest import source, staying the same as last month鈥檚 ranking (the top five import sources were Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland and France), mainly importing electromechanical devices, audio equipment, nuclear reactor and photo-optical medical equipment. Romania鈥檚 export to China reached US$222 million, down 14.34% year on year. China is Romania鈥檚 23rd export destination, the same as that in the previous month, mainly exporting electromechanical devices, audio equipment, wood products, charcoal and nuclear reactor.

According to the statistics of China, in January-April 2019, China-Romania trade volume amounted to US$2.148 billion, up 2.60% compared with that of 2018 over the same period of time. Romania ranked as China鈥檚 65th trade partner, rising by four places (No. 69) on the trade list compared with that of 2018. Among these, China鈥檚 export to Romania was US$1.853 billion, up 2.26% year on year, and Romania was China鈥s 55th export destination, mainly exporting nuclear reactor, boiler, electronic and mechanical products, audio equipment and photo-optical medical equipment. China鈥檚 import from Romania was US$709 million, up 4.42% year on year, and Romania was China鈥檚 73rd import source, mainly importing electronic and mechanical products, audio equipment, nuclear reactor, boiler, vehicle and photo-optical medical equipment.

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