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It is required in the Guiding Opinions to accelerate digital transformation and establish a number of digital service export bases. What are the considerations behind? Thank you.(2020-1-17)

Thank you. The emergence and widespread application of information technology (IT) and the internet has enabled and expanded the trade of services previously deemed untradeable. Most types of outsourcing are digital in nature. In recent years, the evolving next-generation IT featured by 5G and advancing new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchains have led to new business models and modes, and sped up the digital transformation of outsourcing, giving birth to new digital services, including new modes like crowdsourcing, cloud-based outsourcing and platform-based outsourcing and new models like service-embedded manufacturing combined with the industrial internet.

To accommodate the new trend of rapid digitization, the Guiding Opinions, upholding digital economy and innovation-driven development as the fundamental principles, emphasizes the exploration and application of digital technologies as well as the improvement of innovation capacity. Outsourcing companies should speed up their digital transformation and climb upstream to middle- and high-end areas of the value chain. A number of digital service export bases will be established in pilot areas on innovation-driven development of trade in services and in demonstration cities of outsourcing. These bases, supported by MOFCOM, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIE), are by design platforms for digital trade. Focusing on the export of digital services, these bases will play a leading role in breeding new models and modes of digital services and become forerunners of digital trade.

We examined the bases with the CAC and the MIIE yesterday and will release a list of the first bases after the Spring Festival.

In the next step, we will advance 鈥淪ervice Plus鈥 highlight inclusiveness and prudence throughout the regulation and optimize the business environment. We will use the digital services export bases to cultivate new digital services exporters and explore new ways to advance digital trade. We will implement all supportive policies in the Guiding Opinions to accelerate digital transformation and upgrading.

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