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China鈥檚 Belt and Road Initiative have achieved huge periodical success. In 2018, what is China鈥檚 plan to expand market and select projects under the Belt and Road Initiative? At present, SOEs are the key players implementing the Belt and Road projects. Will more market players join this initiative in the future? How will the government offer more guidance and support? (2018-1-25)

Since the inception of the Belt and Road Initiative, it has been warmly applauded by relevant countries. Constructions enjoy steady progress and many major projects have already started. Upholding the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, we stick to market-based operation and follow market and international-recognized rules. All types of companies will fully play their roles as the mainstay and third-party cooperation will be conducted to promote the Belt and Road Initiative.

This year, we will continue to create a convenient, stable and predictable environment for companies to join the Belt and Road Initiative. We will make the following efforts: First, we will strengthen its alignment with relevant national strategies and plans; second, we will further improve trade and investment facilitation level through bilateral and multilateral agreements; third, we will further improve public service system and update country-specific investment guides; fourth, we will guide companies to effectively prevent and reduce risks. Upholding the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits with relevant Belt and Road countries, we will strive to spark vitality in all types of companies and comprehensively improve economic cooperation and trade in all areas for mutually-beneficial and win-win results and common development of Belt and Road countries.

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