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Misión Empresarial (19 de septiembre de 2005) --Brief Introduction of Shandong Shifeng Group

Shandong Shifeng Group was established on May, 1993, with 2600 mu space and 3000 workers. Its leading products are 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks, light trucks, tractors, engines and tyres. The mother company-Shandong Shifeng(Group) Co., Ltd. has 5special production factories, 1 industry gardon,1 vehicle factory,1 central: research institute, 5 co-invested companies and 6 son companies. Its products are sold well to more than 5countries including America, Mexico and Albania. Shifeng Central Research Institute is a province developing enterprise technology developing center, with 12 research departments, 2500 special technology persons, is the biggest CAD model base for 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks. With more than 1000 science result gain State patents, strike, welding, painting and assembling reached the demand for cars. The machinery processing, casting, heat-processing are stand in the first line in the same industry in China.

The total thinking for strategy plan of Shifeng Group is: hold high the great banner lf Deng Xiaoping theory, serious practice “Three Deputies” great thinking, further carry out the guide spirit by general secretary inspecting the Group, circle “one strategy target”, build “4 production bases”, fully build the “aircraft carrier” for three-wheel trucks, low-speed loading trucks and truck-manufacture industry, enter world 5 strongest enterprises line with fast steps.

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